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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pastor's Weekly Message

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

Summer begins today at 4:09 PM, for those who keep track of such things.  Others say it began on Memorial Day weekend, or when school let out, or in reality for those of us who live in Oregon, sometimes after the 4th of July when warmth begins in earnest.  The sense of a season is not easily defined, despite what the dates on a calendar, or the movements of the earth in regards to the sun, may determine for us.

And "the time for every matter under heaven" is impossible to determine, but the times they do come.  That being the case may we wisely take the time to enjoy life's riches and blessings.  And may those times strengthen us when we face those other matters, the sorrows and challenges of life.  As always, the adventure continues.  Please guide us in the times of our lives Lord.

In Christ,
Pastor Randy

From Henri Nouwen, "Please accept my distractions, my fatigue, my irritations, and my faithless wanderings.  you know me more deeply and fully that I know myself.  You love me with a greater love than I can love myself. ... Take my tired body, my confused mind, and my restless soul into your arms and give me rest, simple quiet rest. ...Come Lord Jesus come.  Amen."


Wednesday 10:00 a Bible Study
                      7:00 p Adult Choir Practice
Thursday       7:00 p Council Meeting

Friday            7:30 p OEC

Sunday         8:30 & 10:30 a Worship
                     9:30 a Grad's Celebration
                     1:30 p  OEC

This and That

SOV Fireworks Stand opens Saturday June 23 - July 4
Please check the sign up sheet in the Narthex to see where you can assist. We need, cashiers, stockers, greeters, helpers, overnight security etc.

Last call for baby gifts for Sandeep and Kranthi, Diane will be mailing the package Friday.

No Bible Study next Wednesday (6/27)