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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Youth Group request for ELCA Youth Gathering

We have been chosen to help in the Cultural Literacy for our Practice Justice Day! This means we will be learning about the culture in New Orleans as well as bring books to help with the illiteracy problem in New Orleans.

How you can help New Orleans from afar:
The ELCA Youth Gathering is encouraging you to give a book this summer to children in New Orleans as an in-kind offering!  The average child in Louisiana is 2 1/2 years behind grade level.  Children often lose important skills when they are not reading over the summer.  Literacy is directly linked to future earnings as an adult and is related to a person's capacity  to escape systemic poverty. Our big initiative this summer is to bring 1 Million Books to New Orleans. Send this link (www.gulfcoastsynod.org/books.html) to EVERY person you know and ask them to give in increments of $15. Every $15 given will buy 4 books through Scholastic.