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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pastor's Weekly Messsage

"Look at the birds of the air....." Matthew 6:26

Yes, I am there again.  The rest of the verse is Jesus commenting on worries by way of saying that birds don't do the work of farmers, but they are still able to eat. Comforting words if we would let them be, but for this writing I am thinking only of those first words, which are quoted above, and how they took me in a different direction with what I saw just the other day.

Driving east on Hwy 26, a little beyond Sylvan, and something caught my eye just above the tree line.  Was it two birds fighting?  They lowered.  There was a sudden explosion of feathers, and then a bird falling to the pavement in the lane next to me, immediately pounced on by a hawk (I believe it was a hawk, there was no time to stop and take a longer look, and who knows how long that tableau lasted anyhow in the oncoming traffic).  It was an astounding few seconds and left me nearly breathless, even shouting to myself that I could not believe what I had just seen (no doubt if someone saw me shouting they were glad to be in a different lane of traffic).

So much in such a brief moment, beauty, terror, the suddenness of change, creation continuing at a cost, creation lived out in death, and on and on.  This time it was through "looking at the birds of the air" without even planning to do so.  Surprised again.

In awe of the Creator,
Pastor Randy

"Gracious God, where you find hearts filled with the pain and grief of loss with sighs too deep for words, give us the peace which passes all understanding.  When our doubt speaks louder than our faith, remind us that you came to us in your Son Jesus, who also suffered, wept and endured, and triumphed.  Help us, O God, to move beyond where we are to what we might become.  Help us to weave the losses of our lives into something beautiful, made possible only because of them.  In Jesus name.  Amen."


Wednesday  10:00 a Bible Study
                     7:00 p Adult Choir Practice

Thursday     12:00 p  All Church Luncheon  (Spaghetti will be served)
                     7:30 p  OEC

Saturday     Youth Group Pumpkin Patch outing
                       MS Youth 4-6:30 p (provide own transportation)
                       HS Youth 7-10 p (provide own transportation)
                       cost; $7

                  6:00 p  Transport Five Concert

Sunday     Reformation Sunday  WEAR RED
                10:00 a Task Force Meeting
                 6:00 p Transport Five Concert

Prayers for Margaret.