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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"...and in every place incense is offered to my name...says the Lord of hosts." Malachi 1:11

Odors in the air have been in the news a good bit lately. And with apologies to folks dealing with a very real problem, I think of some incense brought to my senses this week. On Monday I mowed the grass for the first time. It was a bit of a mess, and the steep inclines were pretty demanding, but it felt to be out there. And I thought of the many folks in our country who would consider mowing grass in February a welcome luxury as compared to shoveling snow.

But as to the idea of incense, got a scent of it during the mowing, but it was all the sweeter later.  Stepping into the garage in the evening, or out back under the full moon, there was that smell of freshly cut grass.  What a marvelous scent to me.  Filled with the promise of spring, a remembrance of may springs past, the richness of creation itself, the possibility of incense in every place offered to the presence of the Creator.

Indeed, in praise of the Creator,
Pastor Randy

"O God, help us to live, trusting that you are with us each step of the way.  We know our faith will shake and falter, but continue to strengthen us and to let us see every moment that you are ever faithful.  We know we can trust you.  Help us to do just that.  Amen."


Wednesday   10:00 a  Bible Study
                      5:45 p  Lenten Soup Supper (if you are able; please bring soup, bread, butter or dessert :)
                      6:30 p  Lenten Devotion "Facing the Cross" ....Our Fears~
                      7:00 p  SOV Choir Rehearsal

Thursday       12:00 p  All Church Luncheon  (no reservations needed, lunch provided)

Saturday        7:00 p   SOV Choir Rehearsal

Sunday          8:30 & 11:00 a Worship Services
                      10:00 a  Adult Sunday School class will be studying the Gospel according to St John

(We will be collecting Scrip Orders Sunday, March 3rd, please give them to Pastor, Tammy, Betty or leave them in the church office)