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Friday, April 19, 2013

Adult Sunday School April 21st

Sunday April 21st @ 10:00 am
Part 8 of 10

The Role of Legacy:  The Importance of Telling Your Story

How would we know the stories in the Bible if no one had taken the time to write them down?  And how would we pass them on to our children if we didn't take the time to tell our children these stories in Sunday School?  And we tell them to each other each week in church during the time for Scripture readings, and during the sermon.  And we sing about them through the anthems and in the hymns.  We tell the stories through word and song so that we will REMEMBER.

The stories of our own lives need to be told and remembered, too.  The weeks and months and years go by, and that which we thought would be fresh and new suddenly is hard to remember.  But if we write it down, we can go back and re-read our thoughts, and the experience is vivid again.  And it is record that we have left for those who will follow.

What are you doing to preserve your legacy?  Are you keeping a journal?  Are you taking photographs or movies?  Are you a storyteller, whose children know your family stories by heart?

This month, the adult class which is exploring the topic, "Keep Your Mind for Later Use" is considering the role of legacy and the importance of telling your story.  Come join us at 10:00 am, and bring some favorite photos or a story to share.