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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"...to behold the beauty of the Lord..."  Psalm 27:4c

Where else could I go in these astounding spring days but outside?  The beauty of the Lord may be found in a great many place, but now it is so obvious in the richness of nature around us.  

There is the lush green grass (that grows at an astounding rate it seems) and the flowers, daffodils, tulips and a wide variety of others.  Colors of red, white, yellow, purple and sometimes a mixture in a single bloom.  The hastas have sprouted up and the roses are beginning to look like bushes again.

But the biggest surprise and treat was the cherry tree out back.  It suddenly, at least to my sometimes limited sense of observation, sprang to life.  There was a proliferation of white petals, promising fruit for whoever gets to it first in the next couple of months.  Even when the petals fall the beauty continues.  It is like a gentle flurry as the drift and flutter surprisingly long distances.

In praise of the Creator of all things,
Pastor Randy

"Even as we dance for you, we pray for those in our midst for whom Easter has not yet come.  We pray for all people everywhere who live in the ruins of war, and in the tension of hate and in poverty we can scarcely imagine.  Weeping may linger for the night, but joy and new life comes with the morning.  We offer our prayers in the name of our risen Lord who calls us by name and claims us as his own.  Amen."


Wednesday    10:00 a   Bible Study
                       7:00 p   SOV Choir Rehearsal

Friday - Sunday   SOV HS Youth Group Retreat to Camp Lutherwood

Saturday       6:30 p  SOV Band Rehearsal
                     7:00 p  SOV Choir Rehearsal

Sunday         Celebrating Patricia Nelson's 17 years of service as Organist/Pianist (following both worship services)


~If you haven't filled out a Capital Facilities Project form please do so. Your requests are important to SOV and now is the time to share those requests. Forms are available in the church office or at the usher station.