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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"The blessings of the Lord makes rich, and toil adds nothing to it."  Proverbs 10:22

There are so many blessings that are simply gifts of grace.  Have received many such blessings in recent days, and working at them too hard might have only gotten in the way.

The roses have suddenly popped open in bunches of yellow, lavender, white and pink, some of them with rich scents. (There was only a relatively small amount of tending on my part.) The finches flit in and out in frenetic bunches, rich in color and song.  There is huge rhododendron at the end of the house blooming now, still more iris, and other plants growing wildly.

Just a short walk down the road , in the park, there are many more rhododendron and azaleas of many hues, plus ducks, heron, fish, frogs, and nutria (alright not everything is beautiful).

Such things make me feel rich indeed.  I know this is just more of the same, but I would be all the poorer without these blessed moments.  Thanks for the riches Lord.

God's peace,
Pastor Randy

"Interrupt us, O God, with you presence.  Intrude upon our preoccupation, our restlessness, our discontent and our boredom that we might center our hearts and minds on your Word and all the ways that you speak to us.  Amen."


Wednesday 10:00 a Bible Study
                    7:00 p Choir Rehearsal

Thursday    10:00 a  LLL
                    7:00 p  Council Meeting

Saturday     2:00 p Baby Shower for Valorie Vermaas

Sunday      Pentecost Sunday (wear RED Sunday)
                   8:30 & 11:00 a Worship  Rite of Confirmation @ 11:00 a Service
                  Scrip Order Sunday
                 10:00 a Keep Your Mind for Later Use (Adult Sunday School Class)

                 The Role of Sleep:  Recharge Your Brain at Night

Still not sleeping?  There are a host of reasons for insomnia, many of which you can  address yourself, including exercise, avoiding naps, not eating before going to bed, among others.  The Mayo Clinic has more information at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/insomnia/DS00187/DSECTION=causes.

Love INC's, Silent Auction
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   Ends Sunday, May 19th at 6:00 pm  
PARISH EDUCATION is recruiting teachers for next September's Sunday School classes, as well as for Confirmation classes. We have approved curricula in place. Now, we need YOU! Questions or sign-up, contact Lisa, Kristi, Tom or Mark.

**DON'T FORGET RULERS...800 needed by August 8th