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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"How clearly the sky reveals God's glory!  How plainly it shows what he has done!"  Psalm 19:1 (TEV)

Lying flat on my back, with thoughts of reading, shielded by the shadow of the eaves of the house.  Eventually I gave up the pretense and simply took in the show above me.  What stood out the most was the sky itself of course.  What a fantastic blue (sky blue?), no wonder it has its own color, thought their are other names that would fit as well (azure, brandeis, cornflower), a sure sign of the glory of God.  In truth there are no words that can really describe the beauty, so there needs to be time now and then just to take it in (and many times of the year do not provide such opportunities here).

An occasional bird would flit across my field of vision, finch, robin, hummingbird, and all the more highlight the depth of the canvas.  Plain, "plainly showing what he has done!"

Thanks again and again for the gifts Lord, and for the chance to take them in.  May I recall them when other moments would threaten to drive such beauty, and the Creator who provides them, away from my senses.

Again, in praise of the Creator,
Pastor Randy

"O lord, giver of life and source of freedom, we know that all we have received is from your hand.  Gracious and Loving Creator, you call us to be stewards of your abundance, the caretakers of all you have entrusted to us.  Help us to always use your gifts wisely and teach us to share them generously.  We pray with grateful hearts.  Amen."

This Week

Wednesday  10:00 a  Bible Study
                    NO Little Lambs Choir practice this evening

Thursday    6:30 p Men's Night at Golden Valley Brewery

Friday         Palmeter Piano Studio/Lessons

Sunday       Scrip Order Sunday
                   Special Music at both worship services

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ruler collection

I am ecstatic to announce we have REACHED OUR GOAL in collecting 800 rulers.  The additional rulers needed were brought in this morning.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
to all of you who have generously donated,

SOV is proud to serve our community, especially in aiding youth in our own Beaverton community.

Pastor's Weekly Message

"...their life shall become like a watered garden..." Jeremiah 31:12c

In the whole of this chapter the prophet Jeremiah is writing about how joyful the people of Israel will be when they return to their home.  He throws out line after line about how wonderful life will be, and in the midst of all such happy talk and hopeful imagery there is the picture of a "watered garden".

I get what he is talking about because we are fortunate enough to have a watered garden in our back yard.  It is not a big space, and not that long ago it did not look like much truthfully.  It has gone from a weed patch, to the home of buried seeds and some plants that looked awfully small in the space.  And now it is verdant, the plants are overflowing the space, wrestling  with one another.

We have already eaten radishes, some zucchini and cucumber, green beans and tomatoes, and there are more to come, plus onions, cabbage and maybe a pumpkin or two.  There are some flowers too, just because.  Such riches, and how fortunate to be in a place to have this luxury, but certainly not take it for granted. (Check out the garden at the church property too by the way.)

Through the prophet God describes a joyful circumstance as being able to be like a "watered garden", or maybe even have the chance to be in the presence of one.

Simple and grand and glorious, we thank you for it all Lord.

Pastor Randy

"Holy and beautiful God, you are higher than our thoughts can go, deeper than our imaginations can take us, more connected to us and to our world than we could ever believe.  Thank you for your love which sustains us, for your grace which renews us, and for your daily presence which gives meaning and purpose to our lives.  Amen."


Wednesday     10:00 a Bible Study
                       6:30 p  Little Lambs Choir practice

Thursday        12:00 p All Church Luncheon
                       1:00 p  Prayer Shawl Ministry

Friday            Palmeter Piano Studio/Lessons

Next Scrip Order is Sunday, August 4th, you can place your order anytime now through Sunday, August 4th.

Still need 34 more rulers to meet our Goal of 800 to be donated to Love INC's backpack project. Rulers need to be at SOV by August 7th.  Thank you to those who have already generously donated.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"For he draws up the drops of water; he distills his mists in rain ..." Job 36:27

These are some of the words that are part of a description of the unknowable nature of God, proclaiming awe at the Creator's majesty.  What caught me for a moment was the "drops of water". The small parts that make up the grand nature of things.

My family recently had the good fortune to be at the coast for a few days.  The sheer immensity of the  place never cease to amaze me.  But there are the little things to take in too.  This time, especially for my older grand daughters, it was the tide pools.  We would clamber out on the rocks at low tide and peer at what was left.  Sometimes there appeared to be water alone, but given a little time and a patient eye, life was seen to be abundant.

There were different fish, hermit crabs and other crabs as well, and colors of a number that surprised once the eyes adjusted.  It was a microcosm of the mighty ocean itself, mere drops of water compared to the whole, teaming with life.

Check out the verses around that one I quoted from Job.  There is some lovely and moving poetry there.  An encouragement to pay attention still.  Thanks again for the gifts Lord.

As always, in praise of the Creator,
Pastor Randy

"Slow us down O God.  Draw us near.  Help us to remember that there is no better place than being with you and that time with you is always well spent.  Help us to be fully present in your presence.  Amen."


Wednesday   10:00 a Bible Study
                     6:30 p  Little Lambs Choir Practice

Thursday     10:00 a LLL
                    7:00 p  Council Meeting

Friday        Palmeter Piano Studio/Lessons

Saturday   10:00 a  Postponed  Baby Shower for Amy Kingston and baby Nathan.

We have had some wonderful contributions for our Ruler collection. Thank you to those who have contributed we are over half way to our goal of 800 Rulers. Please continue to bring in rulers until August 8th. Just a reminder Love INC's Packed with Love backpack projects serves school age youth only in our community, Beaverton.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"He has made everything beautiful in its time; ....."  Ecclesiastes 3:11a (RSV)

The hastas are blooming big time and swarming with bees.  The massive butterfly bush out front is beautiful and filled with purple blooms and attracting many of the delicately winged creatures.  To top it off the 4th of July lillies are blooming right on time, providing an Easter scent of new life in the midst of the heat, a very nice touch.  Thank you Lord.

Let me leave you with this rather long quote from Henry David Thoreau, Christmas 1851 (and yes I know he is a transcendentalist), "I, standing twenty miles off, see a crimson cloud in the horizon.  You tell me it is a mass of vapor which absorbs all other rays and reflects the red, but that is nothing to the purpose, for this red vision excites me, stirs my blood, makes my thoughts flow, and I have new and indescribable fancies, and yo have not touched the secret of that influence. If there is not something mystical in your explanation, something unexplainable to the understanding, some elements of mystery, it is quite insufficient.  If there is nothing in it which speaks to my imagination, what boots it?  What sort of science is that which enriches the understanding, but robs the imagination?"

Enjoy the your 4th of July.  Remember in prayer the families of those 19 fire fighters.

In Christ,
Pastor Randy

"Holy Spirit, move in us today.  Remove our pride, and clear our distracted minds so that all we hear is your truth.  Help us to understand clearly the message of your Word.  Thank you for the message you provide for us today.  Amen."

This week

Wednesday  10:00 a Bible Study
                    No Little Lambs Choir practice

Thursday     Happy 4th of July    offices closed

Friday         Palmeter Piano Studio/Lessons (church loft)

Sunday      Worship at 8:30 & 10:30 a
                  Scrip Order Sunday
Don't forget to buy your fireworks from our SOV Youth
Firework stand is open 10 - 10

Rulers for packed with love backpack project serving Washington County school age children in need of school supplies, our goal is to donate 800 rulers