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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"For he draws up the drops of water; he distills his mists in rain ..." Job 36:27

These are some of the words that are part of a description of the unknowable nature of God, proclaiming awe at the Creator's majesty.  What caught me for a moment was the "drops of water". The small parts that make up the grand nature of things.

My family recently had the good fortune to be at the coast for a few days.  The sheer immensity of the  place never cease to amaze me.  But there are the little things to take in too.  This time, especially for my older grand daughters, it was the tide pools.  We would clamber out on the rocks at low tide and peer at what was left.  Sometimes there appeared to be water alone, but given a little time and a patient eye, life was seen to be abundant.

There were different fish, hermit crabs and other crabs as well, and colors of a number that surprised once the eyes adjusted.  It was a microcosm of the mighty ocean itself, mere drops of water compared to the whole, teaming with life.

Check out the verses around that one I quoted from Job.  There is some lovely and moving poetry there.  An encouragement to pay attention still.  Thanks again for the gifts Lord.

As always, in praise of the Creator,
Pastor Randy

"Slow us down O God.  Draw us near.  Help us to remember that there is no better place than being with you and that time with you is always well spent.  Help us to be fully present in your presence.  Amen."


Wednesday   10:00 a Bible Study
                     6:30 p  Little Lambs Choir Practice

Thursday     10:00 a LLL
                    7:00 p  Council Meeting

Friday        Palmeter Piano Studio/Lessons

Saturday   10:00 a  Postponed  Baby Shower for Amy Kingston and baby Nathan.

We have had some wonderful contributions for our Ruler collection. Thank you to those who have contributed we are over half way to our goal of 800 Rulers. Please continue to bring in rulers until August 8th. Just a reminder Love INC's Packed with Love backpack projects serves school age youth only in our community, Beaverton.