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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pastor's Weekly Message

"...their life shall become like a watered garden..." Jeremiah 31:12c

In the whole of this chapter the prophet Jeremiah is writing about how joyful the people of Israel will be when they return to their home.  He throws out line after line about how wonderful life will be, and in the midst of all such happy talk and hopeful imagery there is the picture of a "watered garden".

I get what he is talking about because we are fortunate enough to have a watered garden in our back yard.  It is not a big space, and not that long ago it did not look like much truthfully.  It has gone from a weed patch, to the home of buried seeds and some plants that looked awfully small in the space.  And now it is verdant, the plants are overflowing the space, wrestling  with one another.

We have already eaten radishes, some zucchini and cucumber, green beans and tomatoes, and there are more to come, plus onions, cabbage and maybe a pumpkin or two.  There are some flowers too, just because.  Such riches, and how fortunate to be in a place to have this luxury, but certainly not take it for granted. (Check out the garden at the church property too by the way.)

Through the prophet God describes a joyful circumstance as being able to be like a "watered garden", or maybe even have the chance to be in the presence of one.

Simple and grand and glorious, we thank you for it all Lord.

Pastor Randy

"Holy and beautiful God, you are higher than our thoughts can go, deeper than our imaginations can take us, more connected to us and to our world than we could ever believe.  Thank you for your love which sustains us, for your grace which renews us, and for your daily presence which gives meaning and purpose to our lives.  Amen."


Wednesday     10:00 a Bible Study
                       6:30 p  Little Lambs Choir practice

Thursday        12:00 p All Church Luncheon
                       1:00 p  Prayer Shawl Ministry

Friday            Palmeter Piano Studio/Lessons

Next Scrip Order is Sunday, August 4th, you can place your order anytime now through Sunday, August 4th.

Still need 34 more rulers to meet our Goal of 800 to be donated to Love INC's backpack project. Rulers need to be at SOV by August 7th.  Thank you to those who have already generously donated.