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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pastors Weekly Message

"She makes herself coverings; her clothing is fine linen and purple."  Proverbs 31:22

That is one of many examples in scripture that point to purple as being a color of royalty, finery, an especially rich color.  That is why the robe put on Jesus, even if it was meant as a mockery, was the purple befitting a king.

I bring this up because of such a royal color in our yard.  There was the butterfly bush, which is nearly done blooming, and the iris of such a hue that have long since ceased.  Now there is a plant by the name of "liatris spicata", at least that is one name for it.  It does have other names as well, such as "button snake-wort, prairie gay feather and dense blazing star".  I am sticking with the blazing star reference myself.  This particular one is a deep purple, and in most cases tall and state, though a few plants have chosen to curl around a bit.  The bee's like them, as do the butterflies and humming birds.

They are a reminder of royal beauty around still, and not just in those flowers incidentally, but maybe they get us to thinking and paying attention.  Maybe we, ourselves, are the royalty in the eyes of a God whose love for us knows no bounds.

Thanks for the beauty Lord,
Pastor Randy

"Creator of all things, we are excited and expectant to meet with you anew again today.  May we be so in tune with your Spirit that we are willing to set aside our best-laid plans to follow your leading.  Guide our time and fill our moments.  Amen."


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                     6:30 p Little Lambs Choir practice

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Friday           Palmeter Piano Studio/Lessons (upstairs loft)

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