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Monday, February 17, 2014

Pulpit coverage update

Greetings Everyone,

Just a quick update on near-term pulpit coverage. Yesterday we had
Pastor Stuart Holland. He will be with us for the rest of this month.
He is available next month if everything works out. And he is
interested in leading bible study for adults between services if we
wish. Since I have received positive feedback on adult bible study, I
will ask Pr. Stuart to proceed with this.
I am working with the Worship Committee on planning mid-week pulpit
duties for Lent. Those plans are in process.

I am also working on a Confirmation plan and have been in contact with
possible teachers for the balance of this year's program.

Please let me know of any other needs that anyone has.

During this time of trial for Pastor Randy and family and for the SOV
family, it has been comforting to witness so much love, caring, and
cooperation with everyone involved. Our congregation is blessed with
great Christian love, compassion, and understanding.


Terry Wagemann