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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pastor's Wednesday Message

from Pastor Brian

Next Sunday, we'll baptize baby Romie and welcome her as a sister in the body of Christ.  I've met with Romie's parents, Whittney and Jake, to talk about the promises of Holy Baptism — God's promises to Romie, and the promises made to Romie by parents and godparents.  God's promise to Romie is that she is loved with an everlasting love, that she's "in Christ" forever and a full member of God's family.  God promises to bless her and guide her so that she may do good and enjoy fulfillment in God.  Romie's parents and sponsors promise to raise her in the Church and make sure she learns the traditions and practices of Christian community.

There's some skill needed to raise a child in the Church so that the promises of baptism bear good fruit.  One of the resources I use to help families nurture their child after baptism is a book by Dan Erlander, Let the Children Come.  He offers three suggestions about how to raise kids in Christian faith:
  1. Remember that your child's life of faith is not yours to mold.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit.  You are called to be a loving and forgiving presence as the Holy Spirit moves in your child to bring forth the "fruits of the Spirit" (Gal. 5:22-23).
  2. Tell the story!  Read the story of Jesus and other Bible stories.  Through the stories help your child to know Jesus as a friend.
  3. Love as God loves — unconditionally!  Let your child know in every possible way that worth and identity are gifts of baptism, never earned.
That's good advice for raising children in Christian community.  Actually, it's good advice for us all.  I invite you to return to baptism daily by treating others and yourself according to Erlander's advice for baptismal life.  It's a good way to help each other grow to spiritual wholeness in Jesus Christ.

Lessons for Sunday, June 1, 2014
Acts 1:6-14
1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11
John 17:1-11


Wednesday   10:00 a Bible Study w/Pastor Brian
                     7:00 p SOV Choir Rehearsal

Thursday      12:00 p All Church Luncheon
                     1:00 p  Prayer Shawl Ministry

Friday          1:00 - 9:00 Palmeter Piano Studio

Saturday     6:00 p Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
                        Don't forget to wear your favorite hat....

**Sunday Summer Worship Schedule Begins

      worship at 8:30 & 10:30 (Sunday School resumes in September)

SOV Youth Group Fundraiser  All Fireworks MUST GO!
We will be selling fireworks in prepackaged baskets as well as a few individual fireworks. The baskets contain 4-6 medium-large fireworks plus small novelty fireworks. You can purchase a $25, $50, $75 or $100 basket. There are only a limited amount of each!

The Youth Group will start pre sales after both services starting June 1st and going through June 29th (Sundays only). We will only be delivering to the church on June 22nd and 29th. If this is a problem please let Stacey or Caitlin know at the time of purchase.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pastor's Weekly Message

from Pastor Brian

Worship this Sunday will be a bit unusual.  First, it's a single service (10:30 a.m.) because of Memorial Day weekend.  Second, it will be organized around the theme of healing.  The idea of a healing service came up a few weeks ago.  I'm glad to offer it.  We all need healing one way or another.  The hope of healing keeps us going when going gets hard.  This service should help us to heal our many wounds and to hope for wholeness — salvation — from God.  Ultimately, healing is fulfilled in resurrection, the experience of celebration everlasting in God's presence.

The structure of the service will mostly be worship as usual at SOV.  The only big difference is during the liturgy of holy communion.  After you've come forward to receive the bread and wine, you'll return by the side aisle.  But you'll have the option of proceeding to the back of your seating area where a kneeler will be set up (on each side of the sanctuary).  There you'll find an anointing minister who will give you a blessing and, if you wish, anoint your forehead with a small amount of oil — an element associated with healing in church tradition.  Then, you return to your seat via the center aisle.  The length of the service may be extended a bit if lots of people decide to do this.  But trust me, the blessings received are worth spending a little extra time in worship.

Readings, hymns, and prayers have been chosen to support the theme of healing.  Here's the first verse from one of my favorite hymns included in this service: "O Christ the healer, we have come / to pray for health, to plead for friends / How can we fail to be restored / when reached by love that never ends?" If you need the medicine of Christ's love like I do, then please come to SOV on May 25 and join in worship and prayer for healing.


"The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul that seeks him.  It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord." Lamentations 3: 25-26

My window on the world is much smaller than it once was.  So even though the view of the world, what it is that I look through, is literally smaller, there is still much to be seen.  I thought I paid attention to minutia before, but there is always more attention to be paid  and more to notice that speaks to any and all times.

I saw flowering cherry trees produce their delicate petals and watched as those same petals came down as a gentle snow just feet away. I continued to watch the hummingbird feeder that was a gift. It took some time, but customers have begun to arrive now, a variety of colors and imagined personalities, flitting, rarely sitting quietly for a moment.  Such beauty, speed and vivid colors right there before me.  "It is good that we should wait" indeed!

In Praise of the Creator,
Pastor Randy


Wednesday    10:00 a Bible Study w/Pastor Brian

Thursday         7:00 p  Council Meeting

Friday             1:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Sunday           10:30 One worship Service


If you are planning to attend the volunteer dinner, please RSVP to this email today. Dinner will be ordered on Thursday, May 22. This is a whole family event, ALL ARE WELCOME.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!
Please note church office will be closed Monday, May 26th

Monday, May 19, 2014

THANKS for coming to GROW!

Wow! What a success, and what a beautiful celebration of community, faith and spiritual music!!! We are so grateful for the talents that both the University of Oregon Gospel Singers and the Shepherd of the Valley Choir shared with us Saturday. And we cannot thank enough all of those who had piled their hands together to make this event happen.

There are many ways to measure our success, and we can see that it was reached in more ways than one. However, the most important measurement is the number of smiles that were on people's faces, and the depth of emotions that were stirred up through great testimonies of struggle and faith. We can be sure that the entire audience was moved and was brought together through the sharing of a powerful mutual experience in Gospel Music.

We also know that there are so many to thank, so many that it isn't even possible to list them all, and this is another huge measurement our success. One of our goals in putting on this event was to bring the community together. The amount of people and businesses that contributed towards our Silent and Live Auctions left us on high ground, and made it possible for us to offer a wide selection of items/baskets at various values for all people to participate (even the kiddos!). All of those who donated; all of those who brought their energy and spirit to the event in attendance; all of those who performed; all of those who helped us in marketing for the event with posters, email and online social media; all of those who volunteered their time to run the event; all of those who participated in setup and tear down; all of those who set aside months of their time in planning and strategizing: THANK YOU.

Now, we are still counting and collecting all of the results, but our preliminary numbers suggest that we were able to far succeed our financial projections. Last year, the "Reaching Out" concert raised $6000 dollars which went towards the U of O Gospel Singers trip to China, and this year our goal had been to reach $8000 in revenue. Even with fewer in attendance this year than last, our early projections suggest that we were able to bring in almost $9000 on Saturday!!! After covering our expenses, that means that we raised more than $4000 for both the U of O Gospel Singers and the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church programs.

We are so grateful for the support that you have given us, and we hope that you will continue to live in peace and love, sharing the joy of Gospel music with the world!

Thank you for helping us GROW!

Blessing to you all,

Jameson Tabor
Director of Music
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church

Friday, May 16, 2014

Live Auction Items




Saturday May 17th: 2PM and 6PM 

Here's a subtle reminder that our 6PM concert will offer a Live Auction at Intermission.   Now announcing the 11 LIVE Auction Items to bid on, below.  (Reminder that the 2PM and 6PM concerts include a Silent Auction as well.)

Here they are!: 

1. U of O Framed photo of football players, LaMichael James and Darron

Signed by both players. Professionally matted and framed.

$150 Value

2. Papa’s Pizza Parlor Birthday package for 10 children. Create a special

birthday celebration! Includes 2 dozen cupcakes (or chocolate or yellow

bundt cake), 2 - 2 liters of pop, and 2 birthday balloons. Personalized

invitations created by Megan Vermaas. 30 day notice required and

within a 15 mile radius of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church.

Valid until May 17, 2015. $$Priceless$$

3. One night Romance Package at the Double Tree Hotel at Lloyds Center.

Includes 1 Romance package night: Champagne, Chocolates, breakfast

for 2, Parking, 2 heart wine glasses, white wine, candles and body lotion.

Double Tree Hotels, $250 Value

4. Pulled Pork and Homemade Sausage Dinner. Dinner for 4 to 6 people

includes a bottle of Homemade BBQ Sauce, Homemade Mac & Cheese,

Coleslaw, 2 German style Beer Steins and a 6 pack of Beer: Prior

arrangements required. Mert Warneking, Lyle Heilman and Tammy

McDonald. $$Priceless$$

5. Faux Chenille Fall pattered Quilted Flannel Blanket. One of a kind, 40” x

60.” Beautifully crafted, handmade & quilted by Betty Stoltenburg.

$250 Value

6. Reserve Golf and U of O Nike Basket. 4 rounds of Golf at The Reserve,

Reserve Golf towel, Nike size 8 women’s golf shoes, Nike golf Balls,

Women’s golf sox & hat, Nike Men’s golf hat & belt, Nike tee’s and ball

marking tool. Courtesy of Elaine Kingston. $350 Value

7. “Cyn-Ful” Pampering” at Platinum Salon & Day Spa. Includes: beauty supplies, 

hair dryer, champagne, 2 glasses, spa socks, bath oil, chocolate truffles,

Aroma therapy candle, gift certificates for Haircut, manicure/pedicure,

30 minute Swedish Massage. Donated by Cyndi Peterson.

$275 Value

8. Brenda’s Delicious & Famous Homemade pies. One homemade pie a

month for a year.  Donated by Brenda Plinke Priceless$$$

9. Pumpkin Ridge Golf and U of O Golf Package. 2 - 18 Hole Rounds of Golf

on the Ghost Creek course, 2 boxes of Nike Golf balls, 2 U of O hats, golf

towels, divot tool and ball markers and Golf Tees. Donated by Caryl Husk $500 Value

10. Celebrate Someone Special! Take home a Chocolate Lovers,

Homemade Triple Chocolate Kahlua Cake for someone special and

top off the surprise with “flocking instead of flowers!"  THINK PINK!

Flamingo Flocking! Whatever the special occasion, Chocolate and

“Flocking” creates a unique gift for someone special! Flamingos will

“migrate” to the recipient for up to 48 hours. Cake freezes well. Valid

until May 17,2015: Robin Posen, Think Pink Flamingo, and Diane & Eric

Lewis. $$Priceless$$

11.Palm Springs Get Away! The Oasis Resort in Palm Springs, California.

5 nights in a one bedroom condo (Sleeps 4). Tennis, Recreation center,

8 swimming pools and spas. Golf nearby. 10 minute drive from Palm

Springs airport. Reservations may be made 10 months in advance. Valid through

May 17, 2015: (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s excluded.) Donated

by Vacation Internationale. $900 value

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Message

Transformation is happening at SOV – the GRO2W Gospel Choir Concert is on its way!

There's a table in the narthex with customer service gear for auction & raffle.  Signs advertise the concert events and the good things planned to those who attend.  Volunteers are preparing a gala Saturday (May 17) with performances at 2p and 6p by the University of Oregon Gospel Singers.  By Saturday, this place will be buzzing with action, good will, and celebration.  This reminds me of the first reading from last Sunday's worship: "All who believed were together and had all things in common… they spent much time together in the Temple… with glad and generous hearts."  (Acts 2:44, 46).  The GRO2W event is an offering to God from the glad and generous hearts of the people of this congregation.  The gifts donated, the planning, the hard work of organizing and implementing — all this is a gift of love to God and to the community from the members of this church.  It's a joy for me to see the sheer goodness of God's people rallying to put on this marvelous event.  May the goodwill and the funds generated by the GRO2W Concert result in blessings for many and thanksgiving to God!

While the concerts are taking place, I'll be at the annual Oregon Synod Assembly, scheduled for this weekend.  On Sunday, I'll be leading worship at SOV as usual; but Friday and Saturday I'll be at the Assembly.  Our Church Council has asked me to attend on SOV's behalf.  I'll provide the Council with a report about Assembly proceedings.  That will help them understand how they can best manage SOV's relationship with the Oregon Synod of the ELCA.  I'm disappointed that I won't be able to attend the concerts.  But I look forward to hearing all about them when I join you for worship on Sunday morning. 

Pastor Brian

Lessons for Sunday, May 18th
Acts 7:55-60
1 Peter 2:2-10
John 14:1-14


Thursday   9:00 - 1:00 p KOK
                 10:00 a LLL

Friday       1:00 - 9:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Saturday   2:00 p & 6:00 p GRO2W Concert and Auction featuring U of O Gospel Singers.

Sunday     8:30 & 11:00 a Worship
                 Scrip Order Sunday
                10:00 a Adult Sunday school w/Pastor Brian (1 Peter)

Looking Ahead

Love INC. has asked SOV to once again participate in the Packed with Love backpack project. Because we were so successful last year in meeting our goal of 800 rulers we have been asked to collect them again. Please help support this wonderful project that distributes back pack to school age children in Washington County. We have until August 8th to collect 800 rulers with metric measures. A backpack will be available to place your donations or they can be left in the church office.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Papa's Pizza day


KOK fundraiser today at Papa's Pizza Parlor
15700 NW Blueridge Dr, Beaverton (north of the THPRD athletic complex)

Monday, May 12th

Dine in or Carry out
50% will go towards KOK tuition assistance program.

Bring this required flyer:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Messages Pastor Brian and Pastor Randy

After worship last Sunday, Brenda invited me to the Mother's Day Tea coming up this Saturday (May 10, 10am).  I'm happy to report I plan to attend.  I'm told one of the aims of this social event is to raise funds for the Prayer Shawl ministry – and that's something I want to support!

I've already had a chance to talk with three of the women involved in this ministry about why they do it and what it means to folks who receive these prayer shawls as gifts of God's love.  I'm grateful to hear the stories that come with the shawls.  After our Maundy Thursday worship, I was asked to bless one of the shawls.  What an honor!  And how fitting to be asked to do this on Maundy Thursday, with Jesus' command to "love one another" still sounding in our hearts.

The Prayer Shawl ministry is dear to me also because my spouse, Jill James, used to give prayer shawls to people she worked with at Emanuel Hospital in Portland.  Jill was a staff chaplain in the Spiritual Care Department there (she's now happily retired).  She worked with medically fragile babies and their families.  She bestowed many prayer shawls to bereaved parents.  Those shawls, she told me, meant a great deal to those parents.  And all those prayer shawls were given by congregations like SOV.  Indeed, some of those Jill gave may have come from this congregation.

Prayer shawls are truly a token of God's love that keep on supporting folks who really need comfort for years after the gift is initially given.  Thank you to all who take part in this ministry – and who support the ministry with gifts of money.  It's a beautiful way to help SOV share the steadfast love of God.

Pastor Brian


"The earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep." Then God said let there be light and there was light and good.  God called the light day and the darkness he called night and there was evening and there was morning, the first day.    Genesis 1: 2-4

The first creation account seems to focus on God making sense and order from chaos. But chaos still abounds. There are those things that can change our lives in the flash of a moment turning remaining order into chaos.

Part of the order of my youth was to worship on Sunday mornings, so regularly that if we didn't worship we would say to one another that it didn't feel like Sunday.

Have had that feeling a lot lately. Sundays have been thrown into the chaos the last few months and because of that the rest of the week as well, often finding myself unsure of what day of the week it is. Then I was able to be at Shepherd of the Valley and actually lead a class.

I believe that God wishes us to find some peace in the midst of the chaos.

Consider the prophet Isaiah 40: 28-31
     "The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth,
     He does not faint or grow weary,
     His understanding is unsearchable
     He gives power to the faint and
     Strengthens the powerless,
     Even youths will faint and be weary
     And the young will fall exhausted
     But those who wait for the Lord shall
     Renew their strength, they shall mount up
     With wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary,
     They shall walk and not faint."

The Peace and Power of Christ,

Pastor Randy

Lessons for Sunday, May 11, 2014
Acts 2:42-47
1 Peter 19-25
John 10:1-10


Wednesday    9:00 - 1:00 p KOK
                     10:00 A Bible Study

Thursday      9:00 - 1:00 p KOK
                    7:00 p LLL

Friday          9:00 - 11:30 a KOK
                    1:00 - 9:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Saturday     10:00 - 12:00 p Mother's Day Tea  (please RSVP to this email or to Brenda, Caryl or Lynn)

Looking ahead

Monday, May 12th
KOK Fundraiser at Papa's Pizza
ALL DAY dine in or carry out (download the flyer here)

May 17th
G.R.O.2.W Concert and Auction
featuring the U of O Gospel Singers
2 & 6 pm Concerts
reserve your seats online at www.gro2w.eventbrite.com

May 31st
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
catered dinner @ 6:00 p
Please RSVP to Elaine at  eking11 [at] comcast [dot] net

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wednesday's Message

Several people have asked about my work on "Care for Creation."  It seems some inquisitive folks have looked me up on the Internet and discovered that I've been engaged in this work for the past few years.  Briefly, it means helping the church understand what it means to call God "Creator," to appreciate God's presence in creation, and to discern our Christian responsibility to care for the Earth community God has made (and is still making). 

One of the things I've learned in doing this work is the concept of "resilience."  Resilience is defined as "the ability of a system to absorb disturbance and still retain its basic function and structure."  Understanding the nature and limits of resilience is key to managing human interactions with the rest of the Earth community.  Resilience is also something I see clearly displayed at SOV.

SOV is one of the most resilient congregations I've encountered.  I need not list the disturbances this church has suffered.  You've absorbed these shocks and still retained your functioning as a community of faith, hope, and love.  Despite great stresses, you are not falling apart but are continuing to flourish.  Why? 

If you have insight into why SOV is resilient, please share it with me. All congregations have the same basic goods: God's word, the sacraments, worship, community, service ministries.  But some are resilient and some are not.  It seems important to understand why.  Please feel free to share your insights with me — I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Pastor Brian 

* * * * *

Adult Sunday School
Friends, I'd like to meet between services next Sunday to discuss Adult Sunday School.  I know the pastor is supposed to lead this weekly Sunday school session, but I don't know what you would like to learn about.  I'd find it helpful to hear about your interests and needs as people of faith and adult learners who want to grow in Christian wisdom.  So, once you've got your coffee & cookies, let's meet near the front of the worship space to begin this conversation.

Pastor Brian

Lessons for Sunday
Acts 2:14a, 36-41
1 Peter 1:17-23
Luke 24:13-35


Wednesday   10:00 a Bible Study with Pastor Brian
                      No Choir Practice

Thursday      6:30 p Men's Night at Lil' Cooperstown, (if you wish to partake, some Men are meeting at Avamere at 5:30 p to 'check in' with Pastor Randy and Bob) Special Guest will be Pastor Brian.
                    National Day of Prayer
                    Happy May Day

Friday         1:00 - 9:00 p Albert Palmeter Piano Studio

Sunday       Scrip Order Sunday
                   Birthday Sunday    
                   Blood Pressure Sunday

Mothers and Others Tea
Saturday, May 10th
10:00 - 12:00 p
Please RSVP to Tammy, Brenda, Caryl or Lynn so we may plan accordingly

KOK Fundraiser Night at Papas Pizza
May 12th
Order in or take out good all day.
Please pick up a flyer from the usher station or online at www.sovlutheran.com/kok

U of O Gospel Singers Concert
May 17th
2:00 p & 6:00 p Concerts

Gospel "Reaching Out 2" the World (GRO2W): Concert, Raffle and Auction



Hosted by
University of Oregon Gospel Singers
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church

U of O Gospel Singers performing their National Award winning set at the Walt Disney World Gospel Choir Fest in 2011.

Gospel "Reaching Out 2" the World (GRO2W), is a Concert, Raffle and Auction.  It will bring new & upbeat Gospel music LIVE to Beaverton, Oregon.

The concert will take place at Shepherd of the Valley (SOV) Lutheran Church, on Saturday, May 17th at 2pm and 6pm.

Make your reservations online now for the 2pm and 6pm concerts, by clicking here.

  • The Concert will feature the University of Oregon Gospel Singers, a two time National Champion Gospel Choir.  They will be opened by the hosting Shepherd of the Valley Choir.  The music will be high-energy and spiritual in nature, while including movement, intricate harmony and irresistible rhythm that is sure to get you dancing on your feet!  There will be two concerts: 2:00 PM (CHILDCARE AVAILABLE), and 6:00 PM.

  • There will be a Silent Auction before, during and after each concert, with a wide array of items to bid on.  The 6pm concert will also include a Live Oral Auction at Intermission with Alan Cattron.  A complete list of Auction items will be available online here.  Doors will open 30 mins early for the bidding.

  • Finally, the Raffle drawing for five nights at "The Pines Resort" in Sun River, OR will happen at the end of the 6pm Concert.  Raffle tickets are available now and at the event for $5 a piece, or $20 for 5.  Please contact Jim Tabor for more info through music@sovlutheran.com.

GRO2W will help raise necessary funds for the University of Oregon Gospel Singers, two time National Champion Gospel Choir, as they host a four day multicultural Music and Dance event this spring, and support the ministries of SOV.  Last year, the two groups raised over $25,000 for the U of O Gospel Singers to travel to China in what was an unprecedented cultural exchange. They sang on the Great Wall of China and several concert venues to share the gift of uplifting spiritual music with the country.   This year, the U of O Gospel Singers will host a four-day Multicultural Musical Masquerade on the UO Campus, hosting music and dance professionals from around the world to perform and teach about music and dance forms from minority cultures.  Funds raised at the concert will help them cover the costs of housing, food, and other accomodations for the visiting artists.  These are fees that cannot be covered by the University of Oregon. The group must raise $10,000 before the event in late Spring 2014.  

Funds will also contribute to Shepherd of the Valley's vision of Reaching UP, Reaching OUT and Reaching IN.  More specifically the money will go to support the church's growing music program (UP), to support the church's Christian Preschool and offering scholarships to families in need in the community (OUT), and to supporting the recovery of Pastor Randy, who recently suffered a major stroke and is currently on medical leave (IN).

GRO2W will be held at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Beaverton, OR as part of the church's mission to "reach out" to the community and bless others.

Make your reservations online now for the 2pm and 6pm concerts, by clicking here.

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
17625 NW Cornell Rd.
Beaverton, OR 97006

The U of O Gospel Singers is an auditioned group of 20-25 singers of mixed racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds who gather to study and perform predominantly African-American Sacred music. They travel with a dedicated eight piece band.

The group has sung all over Oregon in many different venues including schools, churches, libraries and the state capitol building.  They are a recognizable performance group in the community, having opened for and performed with such artists and public figures as the Eugene Ballet, Lyle Lovett, Smokie Norful, and Dr. Maya Angelou, to name a few. Recently the group traveled across the country to Orlando, FL where they were back to back National Champions at the Walt Disney World Gospel Choir Fest in 2010 and 2011.  Last year, the group became the first EVER Gospel Choir to travel to China and perform for their audiences.

Taking this gospel music to China was an unprecedented cultural exchange as the people of China were not accustomed to gospel music (sacred music indigenous to the U.S.)."  Andiel Brown, a former Duck football player and alumni of the School of Music and Dance, is their esteemed and fearless director.  The group will be singing at the Great Wall of China, two universities, and a professional performance hall. "We have had the opportunity to do something even greater, something more profound than ever before."


The event will be open to the public, and tickets should be reserved ahead of time.  Reserve your ticket for the event by clicking above, or email music@sovlutheran.com.

There is a $15 suggested donation per person, or $40 for a family.

Come on out and support the "GROWth" of Gospel music in Oregon!





U of O Gospel Singers sing "The Best is Yet to Come," by Donald Lawrence at the 2011 Walt Disney World Gospel Choir Fest

U of O Gospel Singers sing "Bless Me," by Donald Lawrence.

Gospel Singers perform at Walt Disney World's "Night of Joy" in Orlando, FL.