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Monday, May 19, 2014

THANKS for coming to GROW!

Wow! What a success, and what a beautiful celebration of community, faith and spiritual music!!! We are so grateful for the talents that both the University of Oregon Gospel Singers and the Shepherd of the Valley Choir shared with us Saturday. And we cannot thank enough all of those who had piled their hands together to make this event happen.

There are many ways to measure our success, and we can see that it was reached in more ways than one. However, the most important measurement is the number of smiles that were on people's faces, and the depth of emotions that were stirred up through great testimonies of struggle and faith. We can be sure that the entire audience was moved and was brought together through the sharing of a powerful mutual experience in Gospel Music.

We also know that there are so many to thank, so many that it isn't even possible to list them all, and this is another huge measurement our success. One of our goals in putting on this event was to bring the community together. The amount of people and businesses that contributed towards our Silent and Live Auctions left us on high ground, and made it possible for us to offer a wide selection of items/baskets at various values for all people to participate (even the kiddos!). All of those who donated; all of those who brought their energy and spirit to the event in attendance; all of those who performed; all of those who helped us in marketing for the event with posters, email and online social media; all of those who volunteered their time to run the event; all of those who participated in setup and tear down; all of those who set aside months of their time in planning and strategizing: THANK YOU.

Now, we are still counting and collecting all of the results, but our preliminary numbers suggest that we were able to far succeed our financial projections. Last year, the "Reaching Out" concert raised $6000 dollars which went towards the U of O Gospel Singers trip to China, and this year our goal had been to reach $8000 in revenue. Even with fewer in attendance this year than last, our early projections suggest that we were able to bring in almost $9000 on Saturday!!! After covering our expenses, that means that we raised more than $4000 for both the U of O Gospel Singers and the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church programs.

We are so grateful for the support that you have given us, and we hope that you will continue to live in peace and love, sharing the joy of Gospel music with the world!

Thank you for helping us GROW!

Blessing to you all,

Jameson Tabor
Director of Music
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church