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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reaching Out - SOV Choir and Baccalaureate Service

Reaching Out!
Through the marketing of our GRO2W event we have had the opportunity to "Reach Out" in our community!
On Wednesday June 4 the SOV music team lead the  music for the Baccalaureate service that was held for 3 of the 4 high schools in Hillsboro at Century HS in Hillsboro. The choir preformed two sets of 4 songs. Jameson pulled in eleven choir members with only 5 days notice!  Four of our young people in the choir added their solo's. The  SOV band accompanied the choir adding instrumental music for the Gideon's presentation of New Testaments as well as Jameson singing with the band to add to a wonderful ending as the audience left the auditorium. 
As the service ended we Lutheran's were given the opportunity to respond Lutheran liturgical style as the pastor that closed with the benediction said, "The peace of the Lord be with you."  Our choir added spontaneously, "And also with you".   He looked back at us a little surprised. We just responded as well versed Lutherans. 

After the program people came up to us and asked where our church was located and expressed an interest in attending our services. Many of the grads (and their parents) thanked us for coming as well as voicing their praise for the kind of music we added to the service.

This events gave us the opportunity to "GROW" God's love within our community.We are blessed to have the support of our SOV congregation to "Reach Out" and act on our church mission statement through our music outreach.

We give God the Glory and thank the council and church for supporting the music team! Who knows what seed's were planted.  Know that the Spirit was alive and on fire at this program. As we head into Pentecost Sunday we know the "power of the Spirit" is alive at SOV.

Contributing blogger- Diane Lewis