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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Messages

 from Pastor Brian

Something really wonderful is going to happen this Sunday, June 29, at the late worship service. Hailey Miles is going to be baptized. Baptisms are always a joy for me. It's a great step in a family's life, a cause for celebration, to have their baby's life affirmed and blessed by God. It's also a big step in Hailey's life — a life-changing event — even if she doesn't realize it yet. Hailey's understanding will come in time — and you, her church family, will help her to grow into that life-changing blessing.

Baptism is also a chance for all of us to focus on the most foundational commitments of the Christian faith. We hear all over again how God takes the initiative to establish a gracious relationship with us. We learn of God's everlasting love for us, of God's never-ending care for us. We rehearse turning away from everything that keeps us apart from God; and practice turning toward God in trust and hope. We witness the washing that symbolizes spiritual cleansing and transformation. We hear the prayers that Hailey may receive God's spiritual power in her life and grow to fulfillment in Christ. Thus, we are reminded of the spiritual power poured out on each and all of us, and of our true identity as Jesus' brothers and sisters. Finally, as we welcome Hailey into the Body of Christ, our welcome communicates God's welcome to her (and to all God's children) from this day forward and forever more.

There is more good news. We will have a team of pastors helping to baptize Hailey. Hailey's grandmother, Pastor Jean DeVoll-Donaldson, will preside at the rite of Holy Baptism. Pastor Randy Schutt will perform the actual baptism and blessings. I will serve as Pastor Randy's helper. We three pastors will partner with all of you to celebrate this rite of passage for Hailey and her family. May our partnership bear good fruit in a life of blessing and hope for Hailey and in much thanksgiving to God.


What one regards as interruptions are precisely one's life. C.S. Lewis

Those words from C.S. Lewis bring to mind a phrase I've heard and used over the last few months being "It is what it is" .  Those words don't say much, but they do seem to speak the truth.  There are real things in our lives, certainly not always of our own choosing. There are things we would rather not have, or maybe things we can do nothing about. They may be no more than interruptions or may be a seeming nightmare that dominates our life.  That is a terribly grim view of things, of life itself.

What to do then with the words of Isaiah 63:7?  He has shown them according to his mercy, according to the abundance of his steadfast love. His presence saved them.

So many "interruptions" may be a blessing if we but pay attention.  Or I may try to look beyond them and take in something else thinking of my stroke again of course. How much worse things might have been, those folks who have suffered worse, though it is hard to feel better because of another's misfortune.  So, there is a need, a grand challenge to embrace life in whatever form it meets us because "it is what it is".

From this time I have learned much of patience (though I am not wild about being encouraged to have more), learned about being loved and cared for at my worst (thank you Choice).  Learning to live with reality.

Lessons for Sunday, June 29th
Genesis 22:1-14
Romans 6:12-23
Matthew 10:40-42


Wednesday     10:00 a Bible Study

Thursday        12:00 a All Church Luncheon
                        1:00 p Prayer Shawl

Friday             1:00 - 9:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Saturday        10:00 - 11:30 a SOV Choir Rehearsal

Love INCs Packed with love Backpack project is collecting rulers with metric measure, we are asked to collect 200 rulers by August 8th, please place your donations in the barrel in the narthex. Thank you

SOV Rummage Sale is August 1 & 2
You may bring your gently used and clean items to the church anytime. Questions can be directed to any member of the rummage sale committee, Peggy, Jameson, Rachael, Erin.