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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pastor's Wednesday Message

"I will praise the name of the God with a song, I will magnify him with thanksgiving.  This will please the Lord, more than an ox or a bull with horns and hoofs."  Psalm 69:30-31

            One week's reflection on Thanksgiving would not do at all, so I return again this week, but minus horns and hoofs, but thinking of songs as the Psalmist directs.  We will sing many songs on Sunday evening when we go caroling which to me seems a great way to give thanks plus the fact that such singing seems to bring folks joy is another reason to give thanks.  We have been given the chance to be a blessing in peoples' lives.  How cool is that?  Thank you Lord.  There always seems to be more like when the creator does the magnifying himself and that brings to mind something I never get over as a born and raised flat lander.  This past Sunday there were the upper slopes of Mt. Hood, shining brightly and majestically in the sun, turn around and there was the coast range.

            Thanks for the beauty Lord.  Please help me pay attention and be lifted as only you can.

Peace in all places,

Pastor Randy

Lessons for Sunday
Isaiah 40:1-11
2 Peter 3:8-15a
Mark 1:1-8


Wednesday  10:00 a Bible Study with Pastor Randy
                     5:30 p Advent potluck soup/bread supper
                     6:30 p Advent devotion    Jesse Tree w/Pastor Randy
                     7:00 p SOV Choir Rehearsal
                     8:00 p SOV Band Rehearsal

Thursday       9:00 - 1:00 p KOK Preschool/Kindergarten
                      6:30 p  Men's Night at Cruise in Country Diner

Friday            9:00 - 11:30 KOK Preschool
                      1:00 - 9:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Saturday       10:00 - 11:30 a SOV Choir Rehearsal

Sunday          8:30 & 11:00 a Worship Second Sunday of Advent  (Pastor Randy Schutt serving the pulpit)

Christmas Caroling  
Sunday, December 7th
meet at SOV at 4:45 p
Potluck chili/soup potluck following.

Scrip News
new vendors; Buffalo Wild Wings
                      Cabelas is at 8%
                      Target is at 2.5%
Columbia Sportswear is still offering an employee pass (up to 4 guests) or online shopping for every $50 gift card good until January 4, 2015

Dont forget to link your Fred Meyer rewards card by calling 1.800.576.4377  NPO#91312

As we remember all of the important people in your lives this Christmas season, let's not forget our wonderful staff here at Shepherd of the Valley.  If you would like to contribute towards Christmas gifts for Pastor Randy, Pastor Brian, Jameson and Tammy, please mark your donations "Staff Christmas Gifts" and either put them in the offering plate on Sunday or get them to the church office anytime before Christmas Day.  If you have questions, please contact Elaine, TreasurerSOV [at] gmail.com