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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pastor's Wednesday Message

"Who was Jesus?"  "Who is Jesus for me?"  Those are the questions we ask in our Lenten journey.  We have to figure out who this Jesus guy is while we're walking with him to Jerusalem.  To help us answer the Jesus questions I'm offering some video clips during the Wednesday evening Lenten sessions.  The video lessons come from a DVD-based curriculum called "Saving Jesus."  The subtitle: "Ever feel like Jesus has been kidnapped by the Christian Right?"  These video lessons feature some of the best Biblical scholars of our time: Marcus Borg (who recently died at his home in Portland), John Dominic Crossan, Walter Brueggemann, Helen Prejean (of "Dead Man Walking" fame), and others.  They are learned scholars and committed Christians.  Their reflections on Jesus and the Kingdom of God are well worth hearing.  Yours are, too.
Here's the schedule:
Feb. 25 — Kingdom of God: happening now and we get to help it happen
Mar. 4 — Kingdom of God: a transformed world of mercy, justice, truth
Mar. 11 — Jesus' ministry of compassion
Mar. 18 — Killing Jesus, Part 1: Who killed Jesus?
Mar. 25 — Killing Jesus, Part 2: Atonement (how does Jesus' death save us?)

Each of these video clips will be 7-9 minutes in length.  They are excerpts from longer lessons.  I want to keep the clips short and sweet so we have about 20 minutes for table discussions.  It's really in the conversation we have with one another that the best learning takes place.

Supper will begin at 5:30p.   At 6:00p, we'll start the video clips and move into table discussions.  At 6:30p, we'll close with Holden Evening Prayer: a short, lovely, contemplative vespers liturgy.  Please feel welcome to join your friends for supper, Jesus talk, and worship.

* * * * * * *
Lessons for March 1st
Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16
Romans 4:13-25
Mark 8:31-38


Wednesday  10:00 a Bible Study with Pastor
                     5:30 p  Lenten potluck soup & bread supper
                     6:00 - 7:00 p Lenten devotion
                     7:00 - 8:00 p SOV choir rehearsal
                     8:00 - 9:00 p SOV band rehearsal

Thursday      12:00 p All Church Luncheon
                    1:00 p Prayer Shawl Ministry

Friday           1:00 p  Palmeter piano studio

Saturday       10:00 - 11:30 a SOV choir rehearsal

> SOV Youth group vacation raffle ticket fundraiser, buy your tickets from any youth group member.

> KOK "Loving your neighbor" canned food drive, please place your canned non perishable food in the box by the church office.

> SOV Kitchen shower; fellowship is collecting items to restock the pantry, you can bring items any Sunday in March: regular coffee, toilet paper, qt & gallon ziploc bags, vanity fair napkins/lunch size, cocktail napkins, air wick or glade air fresheners & spray, dawn liquid dish washing soap, 16-32 oz liquid coffee creamers, crystal light dry juice mixes