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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pastor's Wednesday Message

"Honor your father and mother."  That commandment comes to mind when I reflect on the Wagemann family.  I've spent several hours with them over the past few days.  As I said in worship last Sunday, Rudy is nearing the end of his life.  His family has kept vigil since last Thursday while he moves closer to that mysterious threshold between this life and the next.  Rudy and Aggie's four children and a changing cast of several grandchildren have been lovingly attentive to Rudy's needs.  They have also cared for Aggie with grace and devotion.  I have been touched by their thoughtfulness, their kindness, and by their discerning attention to all of the many factors that constitute good care.  It's already been a long journey, though everyone stays gathered in one room.  Please keep Rudy and Aggie and their family in prayer, asking God's blessing for Rudy as he prepares for transformation; and for Aggie as she tries to adjust; and for the rest of the family as they watch, wait, work, and hope that love will overcome.  Surely, the commandment is being well kept.

Today Rudy's breathing was quite labored.  He was unaware of it, but his body was working hard to keep going.  The hospice nurse said that Rudy's hard work was like that of a woman in labor about to give birth.  Yes, I thought, he's getting ready to give birth to that spiritual body St. Paul writes about, when the mortal body puts on immortality.  And the family's vigil, I thought, is like an Easter Vigil: waiting for new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  That's the heart of the gospel.  We honor our Father in heaven when we trust God's promise that this gift is for us, too, by the gift of our savior Jesus Christ.

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From the Wagemann Family
For those of you who haven't heard my dad fought hard all day, but his heart gave way at 10:28 pm Tuesday evening. We played his favorite polka music for him much of the evening to sooth him. We know he is dancing in heaven. We couldn't have asked for a better father and husband.  Thank you for all your prayers and support and ask that you especially continue to keep our mother in your prayers.  (Terry, Jeff, Tammy and Jim)

Lessons for Sunday, April 19, 2015
Acts 3:12-19
1 John 3:1-7
Luke 24:36-48


Wednesday     7:00 a Coffee Group meets at Starbucks in Bethany Village
                      10:00 a Bible Study with Pastor Brian
                       7:00 p Prayer Team Ministry Meeting (open to everyone)
                       7:00 p SOV Choir Rehearsal
                       8:00 p SOV Band Rehearsal

Thursday        10:00 a LLL

Friday             1:00 - 9:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Sunday is SCRIP order Sunday
all proceeds from this scrip Sunday will go to the SOV youth group to help fund SOV's 8 youth and 2 leaders attending the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit.

Town Hall Meeting
Sunday, April 19th
9:45 am

Pastor Brian will facilitate a Town Hall meeting to share information about the Transition Task Force authorized by the Church Council at its March meeting.  The TTF will carry out SOV's self-study process in preparation for calling a new pastor.  The TTF will gather information from God's people at SOV and use that information to create a "Ministry Site Profile."  Please attend the Town Hall meeting to hear more about the TTF and how it will prepare the way for the work of the Call Committee.