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Friday, June 19, 2015

Pastor's Wednesday Message

When you come to church on Sundays, have you noticed the striking images on the big TV screens in our sanctuary?  I want to give credit where credit is due.  Matt Kotvis is our "Minister of the Visual Word."  That's a title I just created but I think it fits.  Matt does a great job selecting images to support Sunday worship.  So I want to say "thank you!" to Matt.  I also want to tell you a bit about how he selects those images.  Then I want ask you to support Matt in this ministry.

Thank you, Matt! – and thanks be to God for the excellent work you do in finding images to support our Sunday worship.  The pictures you find are lively, engaging, and pertinent.  As the pastor, I'm grateful for what you do and for your faithfulness and skill in doing it.  You've been key in creating a new worship arts ministry at Shepherd.  You've set and maintained a high standard.  I pray that everyone who works with you or follows you will serve this church as well as you are doing.

How does Matt do it?  Only he really knows, but I'll tell you the part of the story I know.  This all started late last summer when the TV screens were installed.  The folks who planned the project told me about the intended purpose.  It was pretty vague.  Somehow, visual images would add to worship.  OK, but how?  It seemed clear to me that not just any image would do.  How to find ones that would enhance worship instead of distract us?  I'd already started doing a "Lectionary Themes" document for use by Tammy (our church secretary) and Jameson (our Director of Music).  It gives the scripture readings, my brief interpretation of them, and a summary of common themes.  So, I started giving that to Matt.  He says it's helpful to point him in a good direction.  Later, I added some suggestions of my own for visual images.  But they're just suggestions to help spark Matt's creativity.

Somehow, Matt takes that basic guide and works magic with it.  This is where Matt's own spiritual creativity comes in.  He searches the internet for images that are both suitable for the Sunday and legally OK for us to reproduce.  The results are fabulous.  I called Matt our "Minister of the Visual Word."  That's because Matt is interpreting God's Word to support our worship and spiritual formation.  It's important work.  And, thanks be to God, it's being done well by a person who takes it seriously as a ministry of the church.

Finally, I want to invite you into partnership with Matt.  He's told me he'd love to have some partners in this ministry.  He's got techniques already worked out and would be glad to share his practices and wisdom with you.  This is an opportunity to support Matt and to enhance SOV's spiritual life.  I hope you'll talk with Matt to see if you might be able to partner with him in this ministry.  May God bless our congregation's creativity as we look for new ways to live as God's people and celebrate the goodness of our God.

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Wednesday   10:00 a Bible Study with Pastor Brian
                      No SOV Choir rehearsal

Thursday      10:00 a LLL
                      5:45 p TTF Meeting
                      7:00 p Council Meeting

Friday          1:00 - 9:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Saturday     10:00 - 11:30 a SOV Choir rehearsal

Celebration of 2015 Graduates
Please join us this Sunday between services to celebrate our 2015 Graduates.
Congratulations Graduates!

High School
Kelsey B
Grant H
Austin M
Michael W

Gunnar R
Jacob T

Packed with Love – managed by Love Inc. Beaverton
Needs our support to help reach the goal of providing school supplies to 1,000 local middle and high school children. The Social Concerns Committee will be sending a group of pre-registered committee members on August 8th to directly REACH OUT and help with the back pack assembly and pick-up event at Aloha High School. We are asking you to REACH IN and consider donating money to help us collect funds.  Your contribution will help purchase needed items, and will also help offset the newly required $5 per child receiving a back pack registration fee. JULY is the month to collect money as by early August it's go time!!! Make checks to SOV, and in the memo line put "Packed with Love" Social Concerns. We all REACH UP with prayers of thanks!