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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pastor's Wednesday Message

This Friday the Call Committee will receive names of clergy candidates. The CC will meet with Pastor Susan Kintner, Assistant to the Bishop. She will bring names of maybe three or four pastors whom she believes would be a good match for SOV. I hope you will join me in thanking God for this exciting gift. What a great opportunity this is for the Call Committee to enter into conversation with several candidates who have been carefully considered and diligently vetted by the Oregon Synod staff. This offering of candidates for SOV represents the fruit of many hours of reading résumés, making phone calls, asking questions, talking with colleagues, praying to God, and then deciding on a slate of candidates that will give the CC good options from which to choose. Receiving these pastors as candidates who might be called to serve SOV is something to celebrate.

What comes next? Well, you should expect to get some information from the Call Committee — but not very much, yet. They have agreed to keep the names of these clergy candidates confidential. It's likely that these pastors will presently be serving other congregations. If word were to get back to those churches that their pastor is considering a different call, it would harm the ministry there. Nor would we want SOV members to act as cheerleaders for one candidate or another, should one or more of these pastors already be known by our members. That would make it really hard for the Call Committee to carry out their responsibilities in a good way. So none of us outside the Call Committee, me included, should know the identity of these candidates before the CC is ready to share useful information with us. Please support the CC in keeping these pastors' names confidential.

In the next several weeks, the Call Committee will carefully consider each of the candidates whose résumés they receive. They will have lots of reading to do, information to check, interviews to conduct, decisions to make. Please be patient while they do this important spiritual work. The results will be worth the wait. At some point in the next few months, the Call Committee will let you know how you can take a more active role in making important decisions about who will be called to serve as SOV's next pastor. Until then, please keep the Call Committee and the congregation in prayer — frequently — just to make sure God remembers to pay attention and do a good job in this process!

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Lessons for Sunday, April 24th
Acts 11:1-18
Revelation 21:1-6
John 13:31-35


Wednesday  9:00 - 1:00 p  KOK Preschool/Chapel
                   10:00 a   Bible Study

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                   10:00 a LLL

Friday         9:00 - 12:00 p KOK Preschool
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Saturday    10:00 - 11:30 a SOV Choir Rehearsal

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