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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pastor's Wednesday Message

Bluegrass music isn't something you hear every Sunday in a Lutheran Church.  But this Sunday, September 11, is Rally Sunday so we wanted to do something special to kick off the new school year.  We'll have bluegrass music in our hymns and other music.  I've picked out Bible readings that match the music, scripture to highlight the celebration that comes with redemption.

I wandered so aimless, life filled with sin
I wouldn't let my Dear Savior in
Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night
Praise the Lord! I saw the light!

(from "I Saw the Light," by Carol Perkins — this Sunday's opening hymn)

Returning to God is a theme found throughout the Bible.  Returning, repentance, turning around: all these are terms to call us back to God.  Rally Sunday is a great day to return to God by turning around and coming back to church.  Yes, summer's a great time to stay away and play outdoors.  But this time is the right time to return to SOV and get some Jesus in you.

I was a fool to wander and stray
Straight is the gate and narrow the way
Now I have traded the wrong for the right
Praise the Lord!  I saw the light!

(final verse of "I Saw the Light")

We'll have fine musicians this Sunday who play bluegrass music well.  They'll help us sing these old hymns with good spirit — the Holy Spirit!  Whether you come to first or second service, please plan to hang out at church during the break between.  The Parish Education team has Rally Day activities for the whole family that will help us move into Sunday School and Adult Ed. for the coming year.  We'll help each other learn the Gospel Way:

Let us greet with a song of hope each day
Though the moments be cloudy or fair
Let us trust our Savior always
To keep us, every one, in His care

(from "Keep on the Sunny Side," by June Carter Cash — this Sunday's closing hymn)

Worship services start at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.   See you at church!

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Lessons for September 11, 2016
1 Chronicles 15:16, 25-29
James 5:13-20
Luke 5:27-39


Wednesday 10:00 a Bible Study
                   6:30 - 7:30 p KOK Back to School Night

Thursday     7:00 p LLL

Friday          1:00 - 9:00 p Palmeter Piano Studio

Saturday      9:30 - 11:30  SOV choir rehearsal
                    7:00 p    Change the World Concert

Sunday        8:30 & 11:00 a worship services

Please join us and invite others to attend
Change the World Concert
7:00 pm
September 10, 2016

Featuring Gospel/Pop music
a 6-piece band
and guest soloists and musicians

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Fall worship services begin
8:30 & 11:00 am worship services
Rally Sunday/Sunday school introduction for all ages
9:45 am

KOK Fall 2016 Registration
We still have a few spots left in our classes for the coming school year. Are you or someone you know, looking for a preschool with a quality Christian education for the whole child, where learning is fun and families are cared for? Email Hannah at kokprreschool@gmail.com