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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Youth Convention Update

Day 1: Traveling day

WE MADE IT and felt the heat/humidity right away! We spent the day traveling, taking taxis to the hotel and then found our way to the Metro train to the NRG stadium. Things we are thankful for: subway for staying open and feeding us a late night dinner and our school bus driver taking us home after the open ceremony and crazy transportation.

Day 2: Synod day

This morning we found the magical underground tunnels and we have decided we are mole people now. We live underground and love it. There is a whole city with food and shops and most importantly air conditioning!

After eating a delicious breakfast and wondering our new city under the earth, we came back to our hotel for Synod day. We gathered in a ballroom with hundreds of other awesome Pacific Northwest natives had worship, played games and shared communion with one another.

Later we travelled to NRG stadium for the nightly Mass Gathering where we listened to speakers like Marlon Hall, danced to great music, and even found Caitlin's college roommate and her youth group from Denver CO!

We are now back in our hotel for 'final 15' and then we are heading to bed early so we can get up and be ready for our day of service.

Things we are thankful for today: awesome transportation, new friends, paper airplanes, whataburger, bonding as a youth group, air conditioning and Advil.

In Christ,

SOV youth group (and their leaders)

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