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Monday, August 12, 2019

Wednesday Message

Hello and blessings to all from your executive team,

Since we no longer have a pastor writing a Wednesday message, we
thought we might use this time to keep you all informed around the
changes and progress being made here at SOV. We hope this adds to our
communication to you all. Since Pastor Dan's announcement of his plans
for departure, council and executive committee have been working on a
plan to move SOV forward into the call process as quickly as possible.
At this time, we have handled what we can control. We are working
diligently to schedule supply pastors to cover the pulpit, and are in
regular communication with the synod regarding our options for an
interim pastor. We will inform you when arrangements have been made
for an interim.

What a great service we had on Sunday! 92 people were present to hear
the message from supply pastor Roger Fuchs. He will be with us again
this coming Sunday and we hope to see you all there. Pastor Larry
Jorgenson will return to SOV the following Sunday, August 18th. Thank
you for your support during this transition.

In addition, we are asking for volunteers to serve on the call
committee to aid the congregation in the search for our new pastor.
This committee will begin by revising our ministry site profile, and
will help guide us through the call process in communication with
synod. Council will be appointing a call committee which consists of
(6) voting members per our constitution at the next council meeting.
We will also likely have a few alternate members on the committee who
are non-voting. The call committee will be time intensive, but it
serves a very important role in shaping the future of SOV. If you are
interested please reach out to Jacob Tabor, or any member of council.
Please pray and consider this opportunity. Again, this is a council
appointed committee, so by expressing interest you are not guaranteed
a spot on the committee, but your consideration will still be

Here at SOV we have seen our share of unplanned changes .But we know
he is always with us. We trust in Him knowing that He has a plan for
our future.

In Christ,

The Executive Committee